Templetech is my personal consulting company.


I am an inventor with 20 years experience of technical consulting at Cambridge Consultants (CCL), during which time I invented many different machines and devices, often in response to clients’ requirements, but also of my own origination.


In 1990 a group of us at CCL invented a new form of commercial Ink Jet printing and this was spun out as Xaar Ltd (now plc).  For 18 years I was Technical Director of Xaar and saw the company develop from a 4 man start up to over 300 people in a listed company with a £40M turnover.


I have now left Xaar and operate freelance pursuing my own ideas, acting as a mentor to other start-ups and advising people in my fields of interest.  Recently I acted as an expert witness in a patents case involving Ink Jet printing.


Steve Temple